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In addition to our workshop, RIPPER LUBE has a fully equipped on-site service vehicle.


In the event of a Roadside breakdown, we offer 24 hour assistance to get you moving fast.


Our weekend on-site servicing of trucks is favoured by our fleet clients.

Here we can attend to several vehicles in the one visit.


Minimizing the logistical challenge of ferrying truck’s backwards & forwards for service & minor repairs. 

(No extra fuel usage, drivers waiting on overtime or cab fares)


Scheduled also throughout the working week are periods where clients can book to have our specialist

technician’s travel to their premises for service and repairs to be carried out, be it to stationary

unit’s or unregistered site vehicles.



Ripper Lube Truck logo banner
Ripper lube 24 hr assist

Workshop Address:

Unit 1 / 47 Tile Street,

Wacol, QLD 4076.


0418 794 870

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